International Dark Sky Week 2024

International Dark Sky Week is a global celebration of the natural night sky. It’s a time to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the dark sky while also recognizing its importance for the health of our planet.

At Cosmic Tribe, we’re thrilled to invite you to our upcoming online engagement event, “Exploring the Cosmos Within: Integrating Astronomy, Yoga, Music Therapy, and Art” as part of International Dark Sky Week 2024.

Date & Time: April 2nd, 2024 16:00 UTC


Mark Westmoquette is a fascinating individual who transitioned from being a professional astronomer (PhD 2007) to becoming a yoga and mindfulness teacher. He has combined his expertise in astronomy and cosmology with the principles of mindfulness to develop what he calls ‘mindful stargazing.’ This unique practice involves blending inner contemplation and mindfulness with a profound understanding of the universe.
Mark has written several books that explore the intersection of mindfulness and astronomy, including “Mindful Thoughts for Stargazers” (2019), “The Mindful Universe” (2020), and “Stars: A Practical Guide to the Key Constellations” (2020).
Mark Westmoquette’s multidisciplinary approach brings together astronomy, mindfulness, and contemplative practices, offering a unique perspective on our connection to the universe. His work serves as a bridge between the scientific and spiritual aspects of stargazing, inviting individuals to explore the wonders of the cosmos while cultivating a mindful and introspective approach.

Nurul Syahirah Binti Nazarudin or Syahirah Stargazer as she is popularly known, is an astronomical artist and dark sky advocate in Malaysia. Syahirah started to gain the attention of international organizations through her beautiful and accurate astronomy artwork and was subsequently accepted as a member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists. Aside from her artistic prowess, Syahirah is also an advocate for dark skies in Malaysia. She strives to spread awareness of astronomy and the importance of dark skies through her passion in astronomy, education and drawing.

Kramer Dahl is a multi-modal Board-Certified Music Therapist whom enjoys an integrative approach to the therapeutic process. He received a Bachelors of Science degree in music therapy from Utah State University while also minoring in art and psychology. Growing up in Utah, Kramer developed a relationship to nature and enjoys spending time outdoors. He worked as a wilderness therapy guide and saw the transformative effect of nature and the elements on individuals, and wanted to continue to foster healing. Kramer is passionate about using music to help individuals tap into their potential and to catalyze growth. While completing an internship at Hochstein School of Music & Dance, Kramer learned to integrate the creative arts into the therapeutic process, art and dance, as well as yoga, sound healing, and various musical modalities to help a myriad of populations.

Our distinguished speakers will share their expertise and passion for the cosmos, enriching our understanding of its significance. Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or simply curious about the universe, this event is for you.

Registration: To join us for this illuminating event, please register for the webinar using the link provided below. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the cosmos and take action to reduce light pollution!

Let’s come together to discover the beauty of the night sky and inspire positive change for our planet. See you there!