We are one of Pakistan’s leading social enterprises working to protect the environment from light pollution through public events, STE(A)M trainings, education and outreach campaigns and also make astronomy and space education more accessible to the wider audience.

Cosmic Tribe initiated three amazing projects

Catering United Nations Vision

Cosmic Tribe caters with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal.

Cosmic Lab is being developed as an

initiative of Cosmic Tribe to promote and

inspire space and astronomy-related

education. Space and Astronomy present

enormous excitement and opportunities for

schools to grasp; in terms of related

curriculum and hands-on projects for

students to get involved in.

Build a diverse future STEAM ‘Science,

Technology, Engineering, Art and Math’

workforce by engaging students in

authentic learning experiences with


Endorsed by

Stress-free learning experience

Who says learning can’t be fun? STEM & Space uses experiential learning methodologies and helps young individuals learn about astronomy through fun activities, storytelling, and interactive sessions.

Hands-on experience

Beyond theory and textbooks, STEM & Space enables young individuals to get hands-on experience with astronomy. We believe in learning by doing and familiarising the kids with real-life endeavors.

Designed by space professionals

We bring the experts and the specialists in space & astronomy to teach, guide and mentor the kids

International exposure

Students gain access to international projects, opportunities to get certifications from global space agencies and educational institutions such as NASA, ESA, CSA, and other space organizations. This international exposure in space & astronomy could help them in the future.

Cosmic Tribe is working on interdisciplinary space, astronomical, dark sky art projects to inspire the audience in space through art activities.

Cosmic Tribe is the only Pakistani organization working on Space & Astronomical Art, and also an associate member organization of IAAA – International Association of Astronomical Artists


Cosmic Tribe
Bridging the next generation to the cosmos!
Space and astronomical online learning STEAM courses

Light Pollution Affects Us All!

Protecting the night sky from light pollution is a critical mission that supports quality of life, preserves wildlife habitat, and protects our access to the stars.


Cosmic Tribe is featured on International Media, Pakistani’s Leading TV Channels, Newspaper &  Magazine.

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