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Our goal is to protect the environment from light pollution through public events, STEAM training, education, and outreach campaigns and also make astronomy and space education more accessible to the wider audience.

Rayan Khan

Rayan Khan is the Founder of Cosmic Tribe. He was born and raised in “The City of Lights” in Karachi, Pakistan. His passion for the field of astronomy and space developed during his study period. During the early nurturing period of his career, he learned and developed the quality of being proactive which proved to be profound when he started outreach and public awareness campaigns on light pollution known by the name of Light Pollution Fighter.

He received his master’s degree in space science with a specialization in astrophysics. He has also an aerospace certified apprentice and holds an aircraft maintenance engineer’s license.

He is the International Astronomical Union-IAU Dark Skies Ambassador, IDA Dark Sky Delegate, National Node of International Day of Light, Young Persons Committee Head of the Royal Aeronautical Society Pakistan Division, National Coordinator of the Moon Village Association, and IAU NAEC National Astronomy Education Coordinator from Pakistan Team.

He is an international speaker at Under One Sky Conference, ASCEND, Global Hands-On Universe, and Sci Access Conference.

Bridging the next generation to the cosmos!

Rayan Khan

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