Mastruk Jagek (Observing the Moon)


Celebrating the first IMD2022 – International Moon Day and also this is going to be the first astronomical cultural heritage preserving event in Pakistan.

This indigenous tradition of Kalasha meteorological and astronomical knowledge system and practice – was enacted predominantly in the Hindu Kush mountain range. Mastruk Jagek based on the observation of the moon, and shadows or phases of the moon with respect to the local topography. The system is a complex structure of empirically observed knowledge and is repeatedly referenced to allow the Kalasha indigenous people of Asia to predict the appropriate time for sowing seeds, animal husbandry and natural calamities. It is also used to govern the Kalasha calendar by determining the dates of important social events, festivals, feasts, and religious ceremonies. The practice demonstrates the relationship of the Kalasha people with their surroundings and the importance of their immediate geographical context to sustain their way of life.

DATE: 20-JULY-2022  

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International Day Of Light (IDL2021 )

The International Day of Light is celebrated on 16 May each year, the anniversary of the first successful operation of the laser in 1960 by physicist and engineer, Theodore Maiman. This day is a call to strengthen scientific cooperation and harness its potential to foster peace and sustainable development.

A Collaborative project exploring the connection between effects of lights, sustainable fashion, digital design, and surveillance. A project executed from a perspective dark sky defender- Rayan Khan (Founder of Cosmic Tribe) and Ayesha M. Ali (Visual Artist) designed a rebellious artistic expression through facial jewelry and costumes, to share the message of the impact of artificial lights especially on the psychological health of the post-millennial generation.

Dark Sky Awareness Bettymaya Foott -Director of Engagement – International Dark-Sky Association

Dark Skies Gaze Back Ayesha M Ali and Rayan Khan – Collaborative Project – Interdisciplinary Art & Sciences

Space Art Jackie Burns – IAAA Representative – International Association of Astronomical Artists

Celebrating Light Through Space Art:

Tycho is an interactive object that mimics the shape and behavior of the James Webb Space Telescope by capturing light with a sensor and transmitting its color via LEDs to a mirrored hexagonal surface, where it modulates a projection sequence inspired by images of the birth and death of stars.

Stargazer’s Astronomical Artwork under the UV light, the fluorescent chemicals in the neon yellow paint absorb the invisible UV radiation, then emit the energy as longer wavelength visible light of a particular color. Human eyes perceive this light as the unusual ‘glow’ of fluorescence.

Our Guest Speakers

Thomas Heidtmann is a Berlin-based media artist and artist-curator, studied at the Berlin University of the Arts. He works at the intersection of art, science, and technology. As founder of SPARTH (since 2017) he investigates and promotes space-art activities. Since 2015 he has been a co-founder of Lacuna Lab e.V., a Berlin-based, artist-run association.

Syahirah Stargazer is a Malaysian Space Artist who is actively involved in dark sky advocacy and connecting the public with astronomy through visual arts. I create space arts with scientific and artistic explanations to deliver the wonders of the night sky in a creative, conspicuous, and stimulating way. Astronomy provides a deeper meaning to my artistic work and helps the viewer to relate themselves with the universe in a more “human” way.

The disappearance of dark skies has impacts beyond stargazing. It’s important that we protect our dark skies. Learn more about from an expert.

Exodus is an International Transmedia Astronomer and Astro-Musician from Hong Kong, China. He is the International Committee of the International Dark-Sky Association and National Astronomy Education Coordinator (Chair of Hong Kong) of the International Astronomical Union. Additionally, he is the delegate of Astronomers Without Borders and Aurora Association, where he promotes dark-sky protection and STEAM education. In 2017, Exodus started social innovation on STEAM Education from being the Chairperson of HKUST Astronomy Club. Currently, as the External Vice-President of Starrix, Exodus also becomes a guest speaker of the Hong Kong Space Museum and Hong Kong Science Museum, organizing public lectures and experiential learning workshops. By integrating science and the arts, Exodus discovered their consonance and harmony. He has traveled to 40 countries for inspiration. Additionally, as the founder of the “1-minute Astronomy” channel, he acts as “ASTROMAN” to share his experience on stargazing etiquette and night-sky photography through multi-media.


This year Cosmic Tribe is celebrating International Dark Sky Week 2021. Each year, International Dark Sky Week is held in April during the week of the new Moon, when the sky is darkest and the stars most visible. This year’s celebrations begin on Monday, 5th April and runs through Monday, 12th April, 2020.

Cosmic Tribe is organizing series of virtual events during the IDSW2021 with International Astronomical Union Dark Skies Ambassadors, International Dark Sky Advocates and Space Artist.

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Exodus CL Sit

International Committee of the International Dark-Sky Association

(Asia and Oceania Region)

Chris Wade

Member of International Association of Astronomical Artists


Author/ Speaker

IAU Dark Skies Ambassador

International Dark Sky Association

Emma Zulaiha Zulkifli

Director of Dark Sky Malaysia

Sergio Emilio Montúfar Codoñer

Director of Pinceladas Nocturnas

Kramer Dahl

Board-Certified Music Therapist

Rayan Khan

IAU Dark Skies Ambassador

Founder of Cosmic Tribe

100 Hours of Astronomy

100 Hours of Astronomy is a 100-hour, round-the-clock, round-the-globe celebration composed of a broad range of activities aimed at involving the public.

It’s a short film based on chasing the dark sky in Pakistan, moving out from the city of Lights- Karachi to Gilgit – (Northern Areas)of Pakistan (from sea level to the highest peaks), sharing the journey of travel, hiking, and exploring Pakistan from an astrotourism perspective.

Rayan Khan (IAU Dark Skies Ambassador / IDA Advocate from Pakistan with Luke Korn- a filmmaker from L.A – the United States of America traveled to Pakistan sharing a new perspective through this short film.

Here is the YouTube Link:

#darksky #cosmictribe #Pakistan #100HoursOfAstronomy and #IAUoutreach

Rayan Khan (IAU Dark Skies Ambassador / IDA Advocate from Pakistan with Luke Korn from L.A – United States of America travelled to Pakistan sharing a new perspective through this short film.

James Webb Space Telescope Launch

Join us in celebrating NASA’s soon-to-launch Webb Telescope, the next great space observatory, which will look farther into space than ever before. We’ll have hands-on activities, webinar, and art activities for ages 10 & above. We welcome inspiring artists to join this workshop and get a chance to exhibit their art on James Web Space Telescope Launch Day 2021 & get a chance to display your artwork at FULL CIRCLE GALLERY !

Todd Sullivan

NASA Solar Ambassador

Topic: Pace of Discovery: A Personal Voyage

Todd Sullivan has been a NASA Solar System Ambassador for more than 12 years. He witnessed the night sky from many longitudes and latitudes from all over our home planet, Todd Sullivan realizes that we are all continuous explorers, whether looking up at the night sky or looking down back at Earth.|His specialty is the Solar System and its wondrous contents. Todd is often caught saying … “check this out” and “this is really cool.” His style is energetic, motivational, and laced with humor. Todd’s energy is such that he still gives himself goosebumps during presentations; the passion wells up inside him and becomes very evident.|Todd invites everyone to join him on this awesome journey of space exploration and self-discovery. He feels that a successful presentation is laced with laughter, inspiration, and an altered view of the universe.