We inspire students in science through astronomy and space science.


Protect the environment from light pollution through public events, STEAM trainings, education and outreach campaigns and also make astronomy and space education more accessible to the wider audience.

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Dark Skies of Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with many dark skies throughout Pakistan, from lakes to mountains and from deserts to valleys. Pakistan is lined with beautiful plains and dark skies, Sindh to Balochistan and KPK to Punjab.

About Us

Who We Are

Cosmic Tribe is an initiative to protect the environment from light pollution. Light pollution caused by outdoor lighting that projects the light in all directions, diminishing greatly the darkness of the night sky. We communicate the causes and consequences of light pollution. Light pollution also prevents people from seeing the stars and disturbs astronomical observations. Our vision is to inspire students in science through space and astronomy to become space leaders of the future generation.

Cosmic Lab

Virtual Campus

Cosmic Lab is being developed as an
initiative of Cosmic Tribe to promote and
inspire space and astronomy-related
education. Space and Astronomy present
enormous excitement and opportunities for
schools to grasp; in terms of related
curriculum and hands-on projects for
students to get involved in.
Build a diverse future STEAM ‘Science,
Technology, Engineering, Art and Math’
workforce by engaging students in
authentic learning experiences with

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Our Programs

The course is composed of lectures, astronomical software, workshops, and activities.

Moon Camp Challenge invites you to 3D design a moon base or parts of it.

Help students to understand the impact emerging technologies. automation and sustainability

Students learn about the importance of dark skies and experience activities that illustrate proper lighting, light pollution’s effects on wildlife and how to measure the darkness of your skies.

 Student artists ages 3–18 are invited to participate by creating and submitting original, space-oriented artwork.



They share their own excitement and love for space and astronomy. By sharing that excitement with others and sharing their own goals and dreams, they inspire others to dream big, act big and go out to make a change in the world.

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