Education and Outreach

Cosmic Tribe is here to provide helpful resources for parents, teachers, kids and more! During the COVID-19 pandemic, you are likely to have a lot of questions. Is it safe for my child to return to school? What activities can I do with my child at home to foster development? How can I manage the extra stress my child is feeling during these times? 

Education Outreach offers numerous ways to supplement classroom learning during COVID-19 restrictions. 

Our Mission

Education Outreach is committed to developing a well-prepared and informed workforce pipeline for Astronomy and Space Science and positively impacting K-12 education outcomes. We do this through:

  • Connecting Classroom to Career by providing active, learning opportunities and resources for students, virtual and in-person
  • Increasing Equitable Access to High-Quality Learning by supporting teacher professional development with industry-vetted tools and experiences
  • Enhancing STEAM Literacy for the community through collaboration partnerships
  • Drive Student Achievement and Confidence in Astronomy & Space Science by developing inquiry-based, hands-on curriculum