Dark Sky Awareness Campaign

Environmental pollution is a very consequential and widely
discussed problem. However, it cannot be dealt with unless we are aware of all of its aspects. Most people know about land, water, air, and even sound pollution but the issue of “Light Pollution” remains largely unknown.

What is Light Pollution? Light Pollution is basically excess
and unwanted artificial light getting into places it’s not supposed to. Here’s an example. Remember the time you were trying to sleep at night, but couldn’t, because of all the light coming from the window? That’s light trespass. And that time you were driving, and a lamppost was so bright it almost blinded you? That’s glare. And if you are an astronomer, you are already all too well aware of city clutter and sky glow, which is that bright halo of scattered light around city skies that prevents you from seeing the stars.

Light Pollution has serious and far-reaching consequences.
From humans to phytoplankton and everything in between, there is nothing that isn’t affected by Light Pollution in one negative way or the other. It’s time we spread awareness about this and take action.