Techstars Startup Weekend Online Karachi

In December 2020, Cosmic Lab Team participated in Techstars Startup Weekend Online Karachi and out of 10 startups received 3rd prize in this competition.

This event organized by National Incubation Center Karachi.


In November 2020, with the drastic influence of the COVID-19 global pandemic in every sector, the Pakistani workforce is undoubtedly facing unprecedented challenges. We bring to you Pakistan’s largest virtual job fair with a mission to help connect employers and job seekers with digital ease.


Rayan Khan presided as a guest speaker at Lahore Astronomical Society Monthly Podcast series to talk about light pollution in Pakistan

KCL Talks

Lights and Quarantine KCL Talks, Dialogue on Social Action Projects. 

Rayan Khan with Dr. Fatima Yousuf (Psychologist) will talk about Lights and Quarantine and effects on bad lighting in household on human health and circadian rhyme during COVID19 pandemic 

Karachi Citizen Lab

Cosmic Tribe got selected for social entrepreneurial fellowship program to address this issue on light pollution in “City of Lights” Karachi.

Bringing together individuals, ideas and innovations needed to make Karachi a more habitable and globally competitive city.


Let’s celebrate International Light Day ” IDL2020 UAE beauty of Lights ” in the United Arab Emirates with our special guest Chief Lightovation Officer of Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA). The leader of the executive office lighting team.Eng. Roa’s Ghassan Alkhatib & Rayan Khan ARAeS National Node of International Day of Light / International Astronomical Union Dark Skies Ambassador recorded interview of Rayan Khan IAU100 Dark Skies Ambassador 

Young Entrepreneurs Summit 2019

Cosmic Tribe received Second Prize Award at Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2019 held at Marriot Hotel Karachi.

Cosmic Tribe highlighted the importance of Dark Sky in Pakistan to promote Astro-Tourism.