About Us

Since 2019, Our Team Has Succeeded In Understanding The Needs Of The Dark Skies And Raising Awareness To The General Public And Protect Them.

We aim to bring awareness regarding light pollution with statistics showing 80% of the world population living in a light-polluted area. Whereas in this whole universe we are only able to see only a fraction of light coming from stars, millions of light-years away, and because of this light pollution it is growing every year. Light pollution, however, is not simply about night sky heritage and the inability to see the stars. We now know that it is a complex environmental issue affecting plants, animals, and us human beings, disrupting our sleep cycles and contributing to serious health conditions.
Theoretically speaking, it can disappear instantly if we simply turn off the lights, unlike other important issues such as global warming or microplastic pollution which we can’t simply make disappear even if we take all appropriate measures today. This doesn’t mean that light pollution is easy to solve, due in part to the years of societal perception of public lighting and, of course, that we don’t want to turn off the lights completely, our initiative provides a platform to encourage minimizing its harsh effect and to provide smart lighting solutions that can cater to the need.

Our Mission

We inspire students in science through astronomy and space science.

Our Mission

Protect the environment from light pollution through public events, STEAM trainings, education and outreach campaigns and also make astronomy and space education more accessible to the wider audience.

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Our Team


Rayan Khan was born and raised in the “City of Lights Karachi”. His passion in the field of astronomy and space developed during his study period. While his nurturing period of early career stage, he learned and developed the quality of how to be pro-active and his proactiveness appears to be profound when he started outreach and public awareness campaigns on light pollution and known by the name of Light Pollution Fighter.

He completed his Master’s degree in Space Science majors in Astrophysics from Institute of Space Science and Technology, University of Karachi. He has also done “Aerospace Apprenticeship” from Pakistan International Airline (PIA) Training Center; Karachi in 2010. He has almost 9 years of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering experience and having Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s License (AMEL). He has attended several courses, training, workshops, and conferences in the field of aviation, aerospace, and astronomy.

He presided as a guest speaker on different radio shows, podcasts, and events nationally and internationally to talk about light pollution, space, and astronomy.

He is also The International Astronomical Union Dark Skies Ambassador from Pakistan, National Node of International Day of Light, and The Young Person’s Representative of Royal Aeronautical Society Pakistan Division.


Ayesha M. Ali was born and raised in Lahore. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in 2018 with double majors in Painting and New Media Art, with overall distinction in her thesis. As a Valedictorian of her batch, Ali has received numerous awards, which include Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq Award for Best Drawing Portfolio, Sher Asfandyar Khan Award for academic excellence in Fine Art, and Abu Shamim Areff award for the best research paper. She has recently displayed her works at the 15th Emerging Talent Show at VM Art Gallery. She has been part of various group shows across the country like Koel Gallery for a group show ‘Spacebar’, at IVS Gallery for her show “Dark Skies Gaze Back”. She exhibited painting works for United Nations “We the People, We the Arts” Annual Exhibition by the Embassy of Switzerland in Islamabad. She has displayed for 100 Photos Project at Artists Stop Being Poor Gallery, Berlin Germany.

She was selected for Invest2Innovate’s Growth and Fundraising Readiness Training, supported by The World Bank’s WeFi initiative, and also for Facebook’s training in partnership with FEMPROW to represent startup Oshii Brownie and Cosmic Tribe. She is also one of the 21 recipients of BeFantastic.in, Jaaga CoLab TechArt Fellowship for artists from Germany, UK & South Asia, Supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore & British Council, with the works displayed and promoted by Islington Mill gallery the UK.