Cosmic Lab

Cosmic Lab

Our Vision

Cosmic Lab is being developed as an initiative of Cosmic Tribe to promote and inspire space and astronomy-related education. Space and Astronomy presents enormous excitement and opportunities for schools to grasp; in terms of related curriculum and hands-on projects for students to get involved in.

Build a diverse future STEAM ‘Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math’ workforce by engaging students in authentic learning experiences with COSMIC LAB.

Our Program

Journey to Space Exploration

Virtual Campus

You will be able to discover the secrets of the universe and understand better how scientists are studying its properties. We will show you how to use tools to visualize and analyze real astronomical data, 3D Space, mission designs and much more.




Night Sky Observations

Light Pollution Fighter

3D Design Space Missions


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All our activities are designed so that you can learn them at home

We will select limited number of students so that each student will get full attention.

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